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KellerMobile - ELD

KellerMobile - ELD

Starting April 6th, 2019, KellerMobile™ users connecting to ELDs utilizing outdated firmware versions may experience issues which may affect a fleet's ability to comply with hours of service regulations.  Please ensure that phones/tablets are on the most recent version of KellerMobile™ as this is what ensures the ELDs are on the current firmware version when they are connected. The most recent version numbers are listed below in The Latest in KellerMobile.  Click here for more information about firmware updates.

 Note: If Company Information, Employees/Drivers, Units, or Mobile User Logins have not yet been entered or added in Encompass, please do so first.  

The Latest in KellerMobile

Current Released Versions:

Android™: .206 (as of 03/13/2019)

iPhone®/iPad®: .204 (as of 04/13/2019)

Compliance Tablet:

Standard - .204 (as of 02/26/2019)

ALK - .186

Compatible Mobile Devices
Click here for information on upcoming releases.

ELD In Cab Requirements





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