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ALK CoPilot Truck Application - Download and Set Up

Drivers need to be connected to WiFi in order to download and update maps. These instructions will help drivers set up and download of the application and maps and configure the app to their customized settings. 

Enabling WiFi

In order to be able to download ALK CoPilot® Truck™ maps (and subsequent releases of the KellerMobile® application), users must first establish a WiFi connection. Click on the home screen MENU and select WiFi Settings

Note: As KellerMobile™ is continuously being improved, the application will required updates periodically. In order to complete these updates, the tablet MUST be connected to WiFi. 
Once a driver selects WiFi Settings, he/she will have the ability to Enable WiFi, as well as Disable WiFi. This setting is disabled by default. Click the checkbox to enable.

After WiFi is enabled, available networks will be displayed. The driver should select an available network they recognize. 

If required, enter credentials in order to access the network. If the network requires interaction with a web browser for authentication, the user will presented with a browser window within the KellerMobile application. Drivers will not have the ability to access at web browser directly at this time. 


ALK CoPilot requires WiFi connectivity to download new and updated versions of the application and maps.

Setting Up ALK CoPilot and  Downloading Maps 

Click on MENU in the home screen. Then select ALK CoPilot. CoPilot must be enabled in Encompass before a driver will have the option to download.

Upon first use, drivers will be presented with an option to choose Customized settings or Standard settings (users can access the custom settings at a later time if standard settings is initially selected). On the left hand side is the KellerMobile™ button which will take the driver back to KellerMobile.

Initial use allows drivers to agree to improving the CoPilot experience (check box) and an opportunity to read the ALK Privacy Policy (tap Read the ALK privacy policy). Select OK.

Drivers must click on the Accept to acknowledge the terms of the End User License Agreement before being able to download maps.

At this point, drivers may begin downloading maps via a WiFi network only by selecting the Get Maps button. WiFi must be enabled and configured prior to attempting to download maps.

Available maps are presented, and users can choose a specific section to download or the entire North America maps. The chosen map(s) will begin to download. Depending on the speed of the network selected, this can take considerable time to download.

Once the map download is complete, tap OK. Drivers will be directed to the Customized Settings screens.

Configuring Customized Settings

The first of the settings screens relates to Height Restriction. Select the attributes specific to your vehicle. It is very important that the configuration of the profile is setup correctly. Click the arrow in the upper right to continue.

Next, the driver needs to select the types of Preferred Routes. Once completed, click the arrow in the upper right to continue.

  1. Customize Hazmat settings if you haul hazardous materials. When completed, click the arrow in the upper right to continue.

To utilize or avoid toll roads, select the option desired. Click the arrow in the upper right to continue.

Enter a profile name and Save the profile.  Drivers can go back and make additional customized settings choices at any time.

This is the screen that will be shown whenever a driver opens the CoPilot application on subsequent occasions after the initial

configuration and setup are complete.

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