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J. J. Keller Support Center

ALK CoPilot Truck Application - Trip Planning

Use these instructions to learn how to enter a new destination in ALK CoPilot. 

Entering a New Destination

  1. Click MENU from the homescreen. Then click ALK CoPilot
  2. Click New Destination.
  3. Drivers can chose multiple ways to enter the new destination. The most frequent method is choosing Address
  4. Enter Zip Code. Click Next on the keyboard
  5. Enter street name. Click Next on the keyboard. 
  6. Enter the address number and select the address from the list below the text box. Once the address is selected the route will be displayed.
  7. Select GO to start navigation. The route is overlayed on the street level map and the turn-by-turn directions will begin.
  8. When the vehicle is in motion, the left hand side of the screen will display the driver's real-time hours of service information. The right hand side of the tablet displays the route, allowing the driver to know where they are going and if they have enough available time to make it to their destination.
  9. To make modifications to the route, add in additional stops, etc., drivers can click on the CoPilot Driving Menu- the button in the lower left with 6 yellow squares.  Please see the ALK CoPilot Reference Guide below for additional instructions.