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Encompass® ELD

Encompass® ELD




In conjunction with the November 9th product release, the KellerMobile™ application was renamed to Encompass® ELD.  This change will not affect any functionality of the app and does not require any customer action.  This change was made to align the application with all other Encompass mobile applications.  This means that over the coming weeks/months, the Support Center will be updating all references of KellerMobile™ to Encompass® ELD. During this transition, you may see both terms KellerMobile™ and Encompass® ELD used on the site, however, these are referring to the same mobile application. 


Note: If Company Information, Employees/Drivers, Units, or Mobile User Logins have not yet been entered or added in Encompass, please do so first.  

ELD Device and Mobile Platform

Model Number

ELD Identifier

Generation 2.0 - iPhone® & iPad® 20I 20I003
Generation 2.5 - iPhone® & iPad® 25I 25I003
Generation 2.0 - J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet & BYOD Android™ 20A 20A003
Generation 2.5 - J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet & BYOD Android™ 25A 25A003
GeoTab GO Device - J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet & BYOD Android™ G7A G7A003

The Latest in KellerMobile

Current Released Versions:

iPhone®/iPad®: .228

Android™: .228

Compliance Tablet:

Standard - .228

ALK - .228

Compatible Mobile Devices
Click here for information on upcoming releases.

ELD In Cab Requirements



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