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Canada's electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is effective for all federally-regulated carriers starting June 12, 2021. Please see this article that answers frequently asked questions regarding the Canadian ELD Mandate and Hours of Service. Additionally, this comparative article and this infographic were written to layout the differences between the United States and Canadian ELD Mandates.

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Client Service

Encompass M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-800-327-1342
Driver Line for Encompass® ELD, Encompass® DVIR, and Encompass® Video applications 24/7 1-800-327-1342

Roadside Inspection Hotline 24/7 1-855-215-3637
Dash Cam Support 24/7 833-982-1235 none
FleetMentor M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-877-595-1157
Safety Management Suite M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-833-813-7268
JJ Keller Training M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-888-601-2018
Compliance Library M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-800-346-4812
FMLA Manager M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-855-206-2983
RegSense M-F 7AM - 6PM CST 1-888-720-8582
VideoProtects 24/7 1-833-933-0971