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Encompass® DVIR and Mobile Application

 !  This DVIR support center refers to instructions for our Classic version of Encompass. For the New UI version of these articles, visit: 
Encompass® (New UI) DVIR and Mobile Application


The Encompass® DVIR application has been developed for companies that have drivers that do not need to comply with Hours of Service regulations, but still must follow Vehicle Inspection regulations.  This allows the fleets to focus on maintenance and upkeep for those vehicles and drivers.


The Encompass® DVIR application can be downloaded on Android™ via the Play Store or iPhone® & iPad® devices via the App Store starting January 6th, 2019.


This application requires no hardware and allows for customization of DVIRs, known as templates, in Encompass.



Click on the guide icon to view a comprehensive guide on how to setup for use in Encompass and how to use the DVIR application.  The guide has been split up into individual guides below as well.



Frequently asked questions

Who is an ideal candidate for the standalone Encompass DVIR application?

This is the perfect solution for companies that have employees/drivers that are not required to adhere to Hours of Service regulations, but are still required to complete vehicle inspections.  It is also a good solution for non-exempt drivers, mixed fleets, and companies with non-regulated employees.  Additionally, this solution works for companies with regulated drivers that always need to complete a timesheet but never a grid log. Some industry types could include Construction, Manufacturing, Business Fleets, Warehouse, Pipeline, etc.


Is there an additional cost to use the new Encompass DVIR application?

No, there are no additional fees to utilize this application.


Is the Encompass DVIR application available for both Android™ and iOS®?

Yes, this application is offered on both platforms via the Google Play Store for Android™ or the Apple App Store for iOS®.


Will the Encompass DVIR application require an activation code upon first login?

Yes, the first time the driver/employee uses the application, they will be prompted to enter an activation code.  This code is used to identify the Encompass account to marry this installation with. This is the same application as the Encompass® ELD application. This is found in Encompass by going to Setup > Encompass ELD Settings > Mobile Company Settings.


Are there restrictions when adding the Encompass DVIR application to an existing AOBRD or ELD(Mandate) account?

The DVIR customization features are available for both AOBRD and ELD(Mandate) users. The timesheet functionality, however, is only available for fleets utilizing AOBRD. Timesheet functionality is expected to be made available to ELD (Mandate) users in an upcoming release.


Why would a user want customizable DVIRs?

Companies may want to provide a way to uniform their inspections by unit type, or they may have specialty units that require additional or different safety checks than what is offered on a standardized DVIR template.


Can I take pictures of any defects and submit them with the DVIR application?

Yes! When entering the defect, select Add a Photo to add a photo to the DVIR.


Does the DVIR functionality within the Encompass® ELD application have the same customizability as the DVIR application?



How does an Encompass user manage both the Encompass® ELD and DVIR applications?

Drivers required to record their hours of service with a grid log will use the Encompass® ELD application. Drivers/employees not required to do a grid log but still required to complete a vehicle inspection should use the DVIR application.


How many customizable DVIR templates can be created in Encompass?

Users have the ability to create as many customized templates as necessary, however, only one template can be assigned to any given unit type.


Does the Encompass DVIR application work with Preventative Maintenance alerts in the Unit Maintenance section of Encompass?

Yes, the driver/employee is can enter odometer readings in the DVIR application which will feed into the maintenance portion of Encompass and update the current odometer readings in the Units tab. This will trigger any PM alerts that are applicable.


Which reports will provide information on the pre- and post-trip inspections and timesheets for the employees?

The Driver Summary report will provide timesheet information, and the DVIR Detail Report will provide DVIR information.


Can a driver/employee submit multiple DVIRs throughout the day?

Yes, each DVIR is identified by the employee and unique unit code and allows for multiple submissions throughout the day. Each DVIR is timestamped.


Do drivers/employees and units need to be added in Encompass in order to submit a DVIR from the DVIR application?

Yes, the employee needs to be added to Encompass in order for the mobile user login to be created.  Additionally, the units must be added to be able to select the unit within the application.


Will a driver/employee be alerted if a defect had been previously reported on a vehicle?

Yes, if a defect had been previously reported on a vehicle, the defect will be flagged with a red indicator for the user to review corrections and certify that the corrections have been properly made.


Does the DVIR application accommodate Canadian DVIRs?



When will the timesheet function be available for ELD(Mandate) users?

The timesheet functionality will be available later this year for ELD(mandate) customers. The current release of the time sheet function does not provide all of the information required for a mandate log.


When drivers/employees are using the timesheet function, will they be able to enter notes?

No, the timesheet feature does not provide users the ability to type notes on their device.  The feature functions as a time clock only. It clocks the employee in and out for the day and sends these time sheets to Encompass.


Where can the timesheet information be viewed in Encompass? Is it editable?

An Encompass user will find the timesheet records in the Hours of Service tab when viewing logs for an employee.  The admin will have the ability to edit and make any necessary changes.


What reports are available in Encompass for timesheet reporting/tracking?

Time sheet reports can be found by going to Driver Management > Reports & Forms. The most popular reports are Driver Summary Report and Employee Log.


Do drivers/employees and units need to be added in Encompass in order to use the timesheet functionality?

The timesheet functionality only requires the employee to be added to Encompass.


Where can more information on future releases be found?

More information on future releases can be found here: Product Releases


Can the DVIR Application be used on J. J. Keller Compliance Tablets?


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