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Unassigned DVIRs - Towed Units

If a driver enters a pre- or post-trip inspection for a unit code in the mobile application that does not yet exist in Encompass, it will submit to Encompass as an Unassigned DVIR-Towed Unit and will need to be assigned to a trailer in Encompass in order for it to show up on reports.


From the Vehicles > Maintenance section, select the DVIRs tab (1). Then, click Unassigned DVIRs-Towed Units (2) located underneath the page tabs. This page will display a list of all unassigned DVIRs. 



Hover over the unit needing to be assigned and click the "tag" icon to Assign the unit.


Search for the Unit Code and/or select the Unit from the list to assign the DVIR. Click Save.


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