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Unassigned DVIRs - Towed Units

If a driver enters a pre- or post-trip inspection for a unit code in the mobile application that does not yet exist in Encompass, it will submit to Encompass as an Unassigned DVIR-Towed Unit and will need to be assigned to a trailer in Encompass to show up on reports.


From the Vehicle Management home page, select the alert for X Unassigned DVIRs-Towed Units located in the Unit Maintenance Alerts box.



The page will display the list of all unassigned DVIRs.  Select the Reported Trailer Number of the unassigned DVIR.



Enter in the Unit Code of the trailer in the Unit Code field, or, use the magnifying glass to the right to select the unit code of the trailer to assign it to.



A success message will then be displayed and the user will be taken back to the list of Unassigned DVIRs-Towed Units.


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