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Manually Entering a Vehicle Inspection (DVIR)

Although drivers can enter DVIRs into the Encompass® ELD or DVIR applications, DVIRs can manually be entered into Encompass as well.


There are two ways to navigate to the screen to enter the DVIR:

1. Vehicle Management > Unit Maintenance > Add DVIR (on the left)



2. Vehicle Management > Unit Maintenance > Find the Unit (via search on the left or by using a common view in the middle) > Click on the Unit Code to view the Unit Maintenance File > Click Add New... in the DVIRs section.



Entering a DVIR

The first section of the DVIR entry screen allows the user to enter the basic information about the DVIR: Date, Time, whether it's a Pre- or Post-Trip, and Odometer Reading.



Check any defects that need(ed) repair or check the box for Condition of the Above Vehicle is Satisfactory at the bottom of the page if there are no defective items.



Enter any notes needed for the inspection.



To select the submitting driver, click the magnifying glass to the right of the field. In the pop-up window, select the appropriate driver.




Save - to store the DVIR

Save & Add New - to store the DVIR and add another one

Save & Link Repair Order - to store the DVIR and link it to a repair order entered in Encompass

Save & Link Out of Service Record - to store the DVIR and link it to an out of service record entered in Encompass




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