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Adding Vehicle Inspections (DVIR) for Android™

Note: The driver must be in an On Duty status in order to submit a vehicle inspection (pre-/post-trip DVIR).

For information on how to handle previous inspections, see Reviewing Previous Vehicle Inspections (DVIR) for Android™.


Tap the Vehicle Inspection icon on the home screen.



Select the correct unit number from the list by scrolling through the list, or by using the search box at the top.

Note: This list contains all active units for the company (Vehicles and Trailers).  If a trailer inspection needs to be completed, simply select the trailer number from the list.




Note: If a trailer has not been added to Encompass, a DVIR can still be completed for it.  Enter in the trailer number. If the trailer number is not found in Encompass, it will indicate it is untracked. Once the driver submits the inspection, it will come into Encompass as an Unassigned DVIR-Towed Unit on the Vehicle Management Home Page under the Unit Maintenance Alerts.

clipboard_ed68d24639cfeadc9c30442a0a9e498bd.png clipboard_ef41326e345e2fb45e9887726aee5411c.png

Once the appropriate unit is selected, any previous inspections will be listed under Previous Inspection.  To add a new inspection, tap Add.



Select Pre-Trip or Post-Trip dependent on which inspection type is needed.




The driver will be taken to the DVIR home screen.

  • The selected Vehicle will be listed at the top with the type of inspection that was selected.
  • A progress bar is shown at the top with the total number of inspection items across all categories.
  • The driver is required to enter the odometer reading. Note: If the selected unit for the inspection is a Trailer, the odometer is NOT required.
  • If there are any overall comments that the driver would like to make for this inspection, they can be entered in the remarks section. Remarks regarding individual inspection items are placed on the defect themselves.
  • Once all inspection items are accounted for (they are either marked as complete or marked as defective), the Finish button on the bottom of this screen will become active.



To go through the individual inspection items, tap on the name of the inspection category (Note: If an untracked trailer is the unit being inspected, the General category will be used). In this case, the user would tap on General. As the individual inspection items are reviewed and deemed satisfactory, tap in the bubble to the left of the item to place a green check mark.


If an inspection item needs to be marked as defective, instead of tapping in the bubble to the left of the item, tap on the name of the item itself. It will bring up a text field to enter in a remark and add a defect. Enter in the remark about the defect, and tap Save. Once it is saved, it will create the red exclamation point(clipboard_ee7281c6e29704dbc3fbd9108468f26ab.png) in the bubble to the left of the inspection item.


clipboard_e72ec1f4331085ca88b4661d36249d7d0.png                  clipboard_eccb2812e144f693888cd609b6d768805.png


Once all items have been marked for this category (either satisfactory or defective), the Complete button at the bottom becomes active.  Tap Complete, to finish this Category.



The driver will then be taken to the DVIR home screen which shows the main category/categories.  If there are any other categories that need to be addressed, tap on those respective categories to go through the individual items. Once all categories have the bubbles to the left of their names filled, the Finish button becomes active at the bottom of the page.  Enter in any necessary Remarks in the remarks area and tap Finish. This will submit the vehicle inspection to the administrator.



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