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Reviewing Previous Vehicle Inspections (DVIR) for iPhone®/iPad®

After a vehicle is selected for inspection, any prior vehicle inspections reporting defects will be flagged with a red indicator. 




Once a defect is reported, the DVIR must be documented once any necessary corrections have been made.  This can be done by either an Encompass user or a KellerMobile user.


Encompass User documents that corrections have been made to a defect

Tap on the inspection to review the vehicle inspection.

  1. Inspection Date - The date of the inspection.
  2. Inspection Type - Whether the inspection was a pre- or post-trip inspection.
  3. Certified By - The person that is indicating that reported defects have been fixed and now needs driver review.
  4. Certification Date - The date and time in which the person reported the fixes were made (Note: This will always say 12:00AM if the person certifying corrections were made was an Encompass user).
  5. Defects - The defects that were reported on this vehicle inspection (this could contain multiple items)
  6. Corrections Made - Which defects were corrected (this could contain multiple items)
  7. Certify and Submit Button - Certify that the above corrections have been made and things are in working order.




Mobile user documents that corrections have been to a defect

Sometimes, when a driver is completing a DVIR, they find a defect, but are able to remedy the issue right away.  For example, they find a blown fuse in the vehicle, they may be able to replace the fuse then and there.


In cases like that, once they submit the DVIR reporting the defect, they can go back into the DVIR and Certify and Submit that the corrections are made and reviewed.  The screen will look slightly different than when an Encompass user marks the defects as corrected.  Notice that the Certified By, Certified Date, and Corrections Made, are not listed. This is because no one has certified that any corrections were made.  If the driver taps Certify and Submit, they are certifying that corrections were made and they are confirming everything is in working order.




After tapping Certify and Submit, it will take the user back to the main screen showing any previous DVIRs. The red indicator is no longer showing next to the inspection, indicating that the defect has been cleared.  Additionally, if the inspection is viewed by tapping on it, the Certified By, Certified Date, and Corrections Made fields are now shown as they were made by the driver.

clipboard_ebb03a866667a354603556c0ed75e6e75.png                            clipboard_e643c320a90b0d1e754db1fa8dc3b5da5.png