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Deleting DVIRs

There may come a time when you need to delete a DVIR -- Pre-Trip, Post-Trip or Trailer.  You can do this by following the following steps: 


Steps to Delete a DVIR

  1. Go to the Vehicle Management Tab and select the Unit Maintenance Tab
  2. DelDVIR_01.png
  3. Look up the vehicle by unit code or by using a list view.
  4. Click on the Unit Code from the listing to get into the Unit's record
  5. Scroll down the view (if needed) until you see the DVIR section
  6. Select the date range to include (in case the DVIR you want to delete falls outside the range)
  7. Select the "del" link to the far right of the DVIR you want deleted
  8. There will be a Confirmation Screen asking you to confirm the deletion
  9. Click "Yes" to delete the record.  Notice there will be a warning if you're deleting before you should.
  10. Success message will appear



A delete of a record is permanent.  There is no undo or restore option once the record is deleted.  

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