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Getting Started


To get started with Safety Management Suite, the system will need some additional information about your company.

Below is a short checklist of the items to get started with Safety Management Suite. It is highly recommended that these areas are completed in the order listed below.


       1. Enter Company Data (guide)

       a. Job Titles (guide)

       b. Locations (guide)

       c. Work Areas (guide)

       d. Shifts (optional) (guide)

       e. Cost Centers (optional) (guide)

       f. Employees (guide)

**Any of the above data sets, among others, can be imported via the Import/Export Center!


       2. Select Case Numbering Preference for Incidents (guide)


      Other: Enterprise Data Management (guide)



For further assistance, contact us!


To view a Getting Started webcast, or to register for a live session, click here: Getting Started in SMS

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