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Unassigned ELD Log Events

About Unassigned ELD Log Events 

Unassigned ELD Log Events happen when a driver starts driving a vehicle with an ELD but has not logged into the Encompass® ELD app or is logged into the Encompass® ELD app, but is not connected to the ELD.  The driving event gets logged on the ELD but not within a log. When a driver is logged into the Encompass® ELD app and connects with the ELD, the Encompass® ELD application will notify the driver there is an unassigned event that might affect their Hours of Service. 

If the driver does not claim the event within the Encompass® ELD app, the unassigned event gets sent to Encompass® once they logout and submit their log(s). Those unassigned events then show up in the Unassigned ELD Log Events alert. Unless an Encompass® user aligns the unassigned event with a log, the alert will persist.  


Who Sees the Alert

In order to see the alert, users must have the Encompass® ELD Admin role turned on for the user account (See User Roles (Permissions)). If a user has the Administrator role but not the Encompass® ELD Administrator role, they will not see the alert.

You can see the alert itself via the Alerts Center, shown in orange below, or via the Alert Bell, shown in blue below. Click on the alert to be taken to the Hours of Service > Unassigned Events tab.

clipboard_ee054447ead44e74d38c4c9a1468bfdae.pngOR clipboard_ef1f9ea22bf97d176c1abcb36a0b2f7c2.png



Viewing the Unassigned ELD Events

You can also simply go to Drivers > Hours of Service and select the Unassigned Events tab. A list of unassigned events will display. Note: You can adjust the date range to view unassigned events from dates past. The system defaults to showing unassigned events from the last 30 days.



Hover over the specific event and click the "person" icon to Assign, shown in blue below. OR, you can check the box/es next to the specific event/s and select Assign in the box above the grid, shown in red below.  (Note: This will process the event as drive time on the log. If enabled, this can be processed as personal conveyance (will be assigned as Off Duty time) or yard move (will be assigned as On Duty time). Additionally, multiple events can be selected to assign. Events only be processed for a single driver on a single date, however, so this process works best when processing events for the same driver on one day.)



An Assign Events screen will display:

Option 1:  Click Assign to Suggested Employee next to the name of/the log of the suggested employee.


Option 2: Click Assign to Someone Else... This will display a search field where you can search for and select a specific employee.



Review the changes the addition/s will make to the driver's log on the date selected. This area has several sections showing the original log versus the resulting log:

Log Information & Hours


Locations & Special Driving Conditions


Existing ELD Events

Remember to click Save & Assign when you've reviewed the added event information. If it does not look correct, click Back and further review the logs/select a different employee if needed.


When you have assigned the event, it will now be moved to the Pending & Rejected tab. This is for your driver to accept/reject the edit/addition to the log that you made.

  • If the driver accepts the edit, it will be added to the driver's log.
  • If the edit is rejected, the event will return to Encompass and appear as Rejected in the Pending & Rejected tab. At that point, the Unassigned ELD Log Event can either be cleared or assigned to another driver.


Clearing Pending Log Edits/Unassigned ELD Log Events

When the unassigned ELD event goes into the Pending tab, there will be an option to Clear the alert when you hover over the edit's line item.



Clearing a pending log edit or an unassigned ELD log event removes the event from the alert page and will no longer be visible to any Encompass user. When a pending edit or unassigned ELD log event is cleared, it cannot be undone. Additionally, if a pending log edit is cleared before the driver has the opportunity to accept the log edit, the pending event will be removed along with the unassigned event. Be sure that clearing the event is the desired action.


The pending log edit or unassigned ELD event is not completely removed from the system, however.  Any cleared events are documented and may be uncovered in the event of an audit or legal proceedings.


Tip: If a cleared event is uncovered during an audit or legal proceeding, the proper authority may want to know why. It is suggested that whenever an event is cleared, be sure to document clearly why the event is being cleared on the Annotation screen.


Our Transport Editors have created a document to help provide guidance for the annotations when clearing unassigned events!

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