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J. J. Keller Support Center

Employee Rules

Company Rules and Settings that are saved in Setup get applied to each employee/driver within the Company.  If there are some conditions that only apply to a couple of drivers, their individual rules can be set.  When this happens, the Company Rules are ignored and their individual Employee Rules are followed.


If most drivers need a setting enabled (or disabled), this should be managed via the Company Rules. If only one or two drivers need a setting enabled (or disabled) contrary to the rest of the company, edit their Employee Rule to setup a special condition.

At the bottom of the Employee File. Find the Employee in the Employees tab under Driver Management by either using the Find Employees search box or via a Common View like All Active Employees.


Click on the name of the Employee. 


Once on the View Employee page, scroll down until you see Rule Information (it is the last section on this page).


To edit any of these rules, click Edit next to Rule Information. See below for details on each of the field and change them as needed and click Save.




The first field is the Rule Type.  This field dictates if this employee is following their own specified rules, or the company rules.  If following the company rules, this field with show the Company Name. If they are following their own specified rules, this will say Employee Rule.


The rest of the list contains the following Hours of Service rules:

  • Is Required to Log?: Are your drivers required to log their hours of service? Note: If this is turned off, drivers will be able to log into Keller Mobile and log their time, however, they will not submit to Encompass and the data will not be saved on their devices.
  • Average Speed: Maximum average speed for a daily log.  This is calculated by taking the total number of miles for a log and divide it by the total time driven (i.e. 400 miles/10 hours = 4 mph).
  • Distance Units: Unit of measure for driving distance: Miles or Kilometers
  • Rule Set: Which hours of service regulation does your company follow? US 60 Hour/7 day or US 70 Hour/8 Day? If the regulation is not listed here, please contact us. Click here for the list of compatible rulesets for Encompass and KellerMobile.
  • Time Zone: Time zone of the main terminal.
  • Enforce Log Location: Do you want to require a location for each log event entry and duty status change? Note: This is for manual logs only.
  • Driver Type: Are your drivers "passenger-" or "property-carrying"?
  • Exempt Log Type: If your company utilizes exempt logs, which kind of exempt log is it? 100 air-mile CDL or 150 air-mile non-CDL?
  • Is Mobile Exempt Log Allowed?: Does your company allow exempt logs (local driver/on duty logs)? Exempt drivers are not required to create a standard grid log if they meet all requirements of exemptions, nor are they required to take the 30 minute off-duty rest break.
  • Is Short Haul Exception Allowed?: Does your company allow for the 16 hour short haul exception (big day)? For drivers of property-carrying CMVs who drive locally, there is an exception to the 14-hour rule in which drivers are eligible to extend their 14 hour day by 2 hours if particular requirements are met.
  • Is 34 Hour Reset Allowed?: Do you allow your drivers to reset their 7/8 day log by taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty? (Applies only to property-carrying drivers).


There are some J. J. Keller Mobile rules that are also included:

  • Driving Start Distance (miles): [AOBRD Only] How far does the vehicle need to move before the driver is placed into Driving.
  • Driving Start Speed: [ELD Only] What minimum speed must the vehicle be traveling before the driver is placed into Driving.
  • Driving Stop Time (minutes): How long must the vehicle be stopped before the driver is removed from Driving and placed into On-Duty Not Driving.
  • Data Profile: This is used to configure the features of Encompass that should be enabled.  For example, customers only utilizing Encompass and KellerMobile for Hours of Service purposes, this should be set to Minimum HOS Compliance. We do not recommend changing this. If this does need to be changed, please contact your System Administrator, or go to Data Profiles for more information.