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Short Haul Exemption Guidelines

Short Haul Exemption Guidelines

The Short Haul Exemption applies to standard grid logs in which a driver is allotted a 16 hour day, instead of a 14 hour day, once a week as long as they had reported back to their main work reporting location for the last 5 duty tours (meaning, the last 5 days they actually drove).


This is how the rule is written:

"A driver can drive after the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty if they were released from the duty at the normal work reporting location for the previous 5 duty tours. The driver can continue driving, or stay on duty during this time, but must log off duty before the 16th hour to qualify. They can only use the exemption once every 6 days, or once every 34 hour reset."


Short Haul Exemption & Encompass® ELD

Encompass® ELD will automatically give the driver a 16 hour on duty clock if the following requirements have been met:

  1. They have left from and returned to their main work reporting location for the past 5 duty tours
  2. They haven't already used it in the last 6 days or since their last 34 hour reset.
  3. The Short Haul Exception needs to be turned on in the settings/rules in Encompass® by the company's site administrator all drivers or for an individual driver.


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