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Admin: Employee Center Link and Company Code

Add Employee Information

Note: First, you must upload your employee data. See the following helpful articles for information on getting employee information added to your system:


 !  For employees to successfully create an account and log into the FMLA Employee Center, the employee must have an email address entered in your Leave Manager system and they must have a status of “active".


Employee Center Web Link / Code

The Employee Center web link and your company code can be added to a company intranet page, emailed to your employees, or verbally shared with your employees. To access the link and code, go to Resources > Employee Center.


Scroll to the yellow highlighted Link and Company Code area of the page. Copy the Link and Code and share with your employees as you see fit.


Note: You can also access the Company Code by going to Your Profile, located in the dropdown next to your name in the upper right corner.


When an Employee initially creates an account in the Employee Center, they will be prompted to enter this code.

Share these instructions with your employees to help them create an account: Creating an Account in the Employee Center

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