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J. J. Keller Support Center

Employee: Exploring the Employee Center Dashboard

Profile & Company Information

My Profile will display your personal information (ie. name, address, email, work information, etc.) If your profile information needs updating, please contact your HR Administrator.

FMLA Company Information: If your company has FMLA information to share, you will find links to download these files here.


Documents & Messages

Messages from your FMLA Leave Administrator display here. The link takes you to a specific leave request for any required actions that you may need to take.


*When your administrator sends you a Message, you will get an email indicating that you have a message in your Employee Center account.



Leave Time Remaining

The segmented graph displays your FMLA leave remaining for qualifying reasons such as federal 12-weeks, state, and additional programs. The information updates according to your leave time balance.


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