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J. J. Keller Support Center

Employee: Leave Requests

From the dashboard of the Employee Center, click My Leave Requests.



My Pending Requests

Leave requests submitted to your administrator appear here until the requests are processed.

Note: You are only able to delete or edit any unsubmitted leave requests. Once submitted, you will need to communicate any changes to your administrator.



My Leave History

Leave requests processed by your administrator appear here. Expand the record(s) to view the leave details, status changes, scheduled leave dates, communications between you and your administrator, and the admin’s contact information.




Submit a Leave Request

Click Request New Leave+.



Step 1: Select a Leave Reason

Select from the list of federally qualifying reasons that most closely matches your situation. Optional: add a note to your administrator describing your need for leave. Click Schedule Leave to continue, or Save & Finish Later to return to the request at a different time.


Step 2: Schedule Leave

If you know the days you will need time off, select the dates on the calendar. If you do not know the days you will need time off at this time, proceed to Step 3.


Step 3: Schedule Leave Time

Enter the time you are requesting off from work each day. Hours entered must be between 0 and 24. Minutes entered must be between 0 and 59.


Step 4: Review & Submit Request

Review the information you entered for accuracy. Submit the request to your administrator or Save it to Edit and Submit later.


Your request will now appear in the Pending requests section until your administrator takes action.


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