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Import Employees

You can import employee information in bulk using the Leave Manager import wizard.


Click the Employees tab at the top, and then click Import Employees.




Follow the on-screen instructions to properly prepare your data.


Download and Complete Template

1. Download the import template.


2. Enter your employee data into the template as completely as possible to ensure proper transfer of all information.

  • To help ensure a successful import, please limit your import file to less than 15,000 records.
  • For a successful import, each employee record needs a unique identifier (Employee ID).
  • NOTE: If an employee's Location is currently not in Leave Manager, the Location information you enter into the Template will also import into Leave Manager. However, following the import, you must ensure you edit any newly-added Location/s and complete the necessary information (ie. Parameters)


3. Save as a tab-delimited text file. (See How To Create a Tab Delimited Text File for FMLA Manager for more information.)


4. Once you have saved your completed file, click "Continue" button to proceed.


On the next screen, select the file to import. Then, click Continue.



Map Column Headers

Although the import process allows you to import your own field headings, they need to be associated with corresponding Leave Manager headings. If you need to change the associated heading, use the dropdowns to select the Leave Manager heading that best matches the data in that column. To skip a heading, select “DO NOT IMPORT” from the dropdown.


Confirm the settings and mappings of your imported column headings. Click "Continue" to continue the mapping process or click the "Back" link button (top left) to adjust your selections.



Map Fields to Leave Manager Selects

To streamline reporting within FMLA Manager, some fields have standardized selections. Your data will need to be mapped, or associated, with a corresponding selection using the provided dropdowns. Select "DO NOT IMPORT" to skip the field. Click Continue when you are finished.



Import Employees

The employee records presented on the page will be added, updated, or skipped when you click "IMPORT NOW". Please verify the data is correct as this process cannot be undone. If you realize changes in your data are needed, you may: 1) Cancel the import and revise the original spreadsheet or 2) Complete the import process and manually make changes to Manage Employees when the import process is complete.


Your import will then process; you will receive an email when the import is complete.


To view the status of your import, you can visit the Employee Import Status Log.



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