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HRIS Integration

Save more time and simplify your workflow with our Finch HRIS integration tool that easily connects with a wide range of leading HR and payroll systems. This convenient add-on provides seamless and secure information sharing between platforms, eliminating the need for manual data uploads and reducing the risk of administrative errors.

*If you are interested in purchasing this add-on feature, please contact your J. J. Keller representative, or click the "Please contact me to learn more..." button as shown below.


If You Are Not Yet Registered

If you are interested and have not yet registered to link your HRIS system, go to the Employees tab and click the "Please contact me..." button.


Provide your current HRIS provider and Submit. A J. J. Keller representative will reach out.


If You Are Registered

If you have been registered with Finch and need to connect to your HRIS, go to the Employees tab and click the Connect to Finch button.


The pop-up screen provides some further information. Click Continue.


J.J. Keller requests access to some permissions in order to successfully integrate your data. Click Continue.


Search for and select your HRIS Provider.


Enter your HRIS login credentials and click Connect.


When the connection goes through, a success message will appear and your data will migrate shortly.


Once your data is migrated and the connection is active, the following will display, along with your migrated employee information.





Periodically, you may have to reconnect to Finch to update/resync your employee data. Click Reconnect to Finch and follow the same process as above.

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