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Add a Fuel Receipt Listing

Once fuel has been added to a fuel tax trip, details about the purchase can be added. If you are no longer in the trip you recently added, go to Vehicles > Fuel Tax and click on the Unit in which the trip exists to open up its trips. Then, continue with the instructions below.


Click the Edit pencil while hovering on the Trip (in red below), or click into the Trip # and click Edit next to Trip Line Info (in blue below).



From the Edit pop-out screen, click Edit Listings near the bottom, next to Save.


  • Date - Enter the date of the purchase or use the calendar next to the field to select the date of purchase
  • Vendor Name -  Enter the name of the fuel vendor
  • City - Enter the city where the fuel purchase occurred
  • Cost - Enter the total cost of the fuel purchase (not the price per gallon/liter)
  • Invoice # - Enter the receipt number from the fuel receipt



Each of these fields must be entered in order for the purchase to show up on the Fuel Listings Report.

Once these details have been entered, click Save.

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