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Add Mileage Listings

Mileage listings may be required to be sent with tax reports in some jurisdictions. To add the mileage listing to a fuel tax trip, first locate the unit by going to Vehicles > Fuel Tax. Click on the unit to open it's Trips. 



Next, you can either click the Edit pencil when hovering over the Trip, or click into the Trip # and click Edit next to Trip Information.



From the Edit pop-out screen, click Edit Listings near the bottom, next to Save.


There will be a line for each trip line from the trip entry screen. Enter in the following information:

  • Date - The trip line date may already be displayed. If this date is not correct, enter the correct date or use the calendar next to the field
  • Entry City - Enter the city closest to the entry point of the trip line jurisdiction
  • Exit City - Enter the city closest to the exit point of the trip line jurisdiction
  • Highways - Enter the major highways operated on in the jurisdiction
  • Axles - Enter the total number of axles in the combination for this trip line
  • Gross Weight - Enter the combined gross weight for the unit on this trip line (maximum weight of vehicle with truck and trailer fully loaded)


Once the details are entered, click Save.

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