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Encompass Alerts

About Alerts

The system tracks important metrics for you and will notify you when items are either incomplete, overdue, coming due or missing. 

Accessing Alerts

The Alerts tab is located in the lefthand menu. You will be brought to the Alerts Center page where you will see various tabs. Each tab corresponds to an alert category (ie. Driver alerts, Vehicle alerts, etc.)



For a quick view of alerts, click the bell at the top of your screen, to the left of your initials. A list of alerts will display, if you have any. Click View ___ to be taken directly to the respective area within Encompass. Clicking View All will take you to the Alerts Center.


Customize Alerts

You can customize which alerts you see in the Alert Center and/or Alerts Bell, set priority alerts, get emails, and more.

Click the Customize button at the top.


Simply check the box for the desired alert in each column. Be sure to Save when finished. In the example below, the Applicants to Generate Prequalification Checklists For alert will display as a priority alert, the admin will receive an emailand the alert will display in a "card" in the Alerts Center. (Note that some alerts are not able to display in the Alerts Bell or send a Real-Time Notification.)


In the below example, the Drivers with Critical Violations in Last 45 Days alert will display as a Priority alert, and show as a card in the Alerts Center. Additionally, the alert will display in the Alerts Bell, the admin will be emailed regarding any alerts, and will be notified in real-time if the alert is triggered for a driver.



Managing Alerts

To rectify an alert, you can click on an alert card to be taken to that specific area within Encompass. For example, below you see there is 1 Unit with Pre-Trip Defects. Clicking the alert card will take you right to the DVIR > Pre-Trip Defects area within Encompass.




Alerts won't show when all items are done, complete, or not an issue. 

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