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Driving While Not Connected to ELD Alert

The Encompass® ELD application has the ability to detect if the driver is moving while disconnected from the ELD. When this is detected, an alert is immediately sent to the Encompass® back office. This alert can be used to monitor the frequency of driving while disconnected to recognize potential training gaps. Staying on top of disconnected driving can help mitigate the volume of unidentified ELD events and log inaccuracies.

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To customize alert/notification types for Employees Driving Without Being Connected to an ELD, click the Customize button near the top of the page.


Scroll to the Employees Driving Without Being Connected to an ELD alert. Simply check the box for the desired alert type in each column. Be sure to Save when finished. In the example below, these alerts will display as a priority alert; the admin will receive an email regarding the alert; the alert will display as a card in the Alerts center; will display in the Alerts Bell; and will send a real-time notification if a driver is not connected to an ELD. 


Viewing Alert Information

From the alerts center, clicking the card will take you to the Not Connected While Driving tab in the Hours of Service page. Alternately, you can access this by locating the alert in the Alerts Bell.

Alerts Center


Alerts Bell




The alert is subsequently cleared when one of four scenarios has occurred:

  1. Once the driver reconnects to the ELD and has network (internet) signal
  2. Driver logs out of the Encompass® ELD application
  3. The Active Driver has been changed when using Team Driving
  4. The drivers employment status in Encompass is set to Terminated.
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