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Hours of Service Tabs

The information below defines what each tab in the Hours of Service page means.

All All drivers with logs for a given period of time
Missing Drivers with missing logs for a given period of time
With Violations Drivers with log violations for a given period of time. (Does not include missing logs as they are their own view)
Unassigned Events Driving events that have not been assigned to a driver; example might be a yard move
Unassigned ELDs Active ELDs that have not been paired to a vehicle
Output File Status This will show all ELD output files generated in the last 30 days
With Edits Drivers who have logs with edits
Hours Available

A common view you can use to view a driver's hours. This is updated once an hour from the mobile application to the system when the driver is
logged into and using the mobile application. Additionally, if the driver goes into violation in the application, this view will update right away

(barring network connection). It can be used to assess a driver's location and dispatch as well as hours left in a day or week.

Pending & Rejected Edits that are waiting for the driver to accept or that they have rejected


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