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Employee File Notes

Free-form notes regarding employees/drivers can be added to their employee file. These can be any length needed as this area is not size restricted.  Very long notes do not show up on reports or views, however, so if these need to be seen on a report or view, we suggest using the License Notes area (associated with the License Information area) instead.


Go to the Employee File tab when viewing an employee.



Scroll down to the Notes section. To add a new note, click Add New.



Enter the details of the note and click Save.



The note will then be displayed with the Subject and the first few words of the notes below it. The Last Activity date is the last time the note was edited or when it was added.  Click on the subject to view the full note.



When hovering over the note, task buttons are displayed.

Click the pencil to Edit the note.

Click the paper clip to Add an Attachment.

Click the trash can to Delete the note.


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