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Online Application Settings

Online Application Settings can be found by going to Settings. Select the Applicants tab.

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Online Application Settings

Setting up an online application is a good way to save time in having to manually enter in a paper application as the online application is entered by the applicant. An application URL will be generated so you can share it directly with applicants. To set this up, click on Online Application Settings.



To enable the Online Application, click Edit.


Check/uncheck Enable Online Application to activate/deactivate the online application.

  • The displayed company name for the application can be changed by selecting the bubble for Set company name for application and entering in the desired name.
  • Additionally, if the online application should have a different name other than the default of Employment Application, select the bubble for Set text for online application name and enter in the desired name.
  • Use the Send Email option to have all applicants' contact information sent to the indicated recruiter/admin e-mail address when they complete the first page of the application.

Click Save when completed.


Upload Logo

You also have the ability to upload a logo to the application. Drag the logo right into the File box, or select the file from your device. A preview of your current logo, if any, will show under Current Logo.


Online Application Text

In the Online Application Text section, the following text that appears on the application can be edited by hovering and clicking the Edit pencil icon the right of the item:

Certification Text - Text that appears at the bottom of the application

Equal Opportunity Text - Text that appears at the top of the application

Previous Employment Text - Text that appears at the top of the Previous Employer Information section

Successful Completion Text - Text that appears after the Submit button has been clicked



Example: Certification Text


Additional Questions

Additional questions can be added to the online application. In the Online Application Additional Questions section, click Add New.


Type in the question in the Question Text field.

Click on the Section drop-down box to select which part of the application the question should be added to.

Click on the Response Type drop-down to select the response format of either Yes/No, Text, or Dropdown.

Sequence is the order of the additional questions.  Enter the question order number in the sequence box (i.e. 1, to make it the first question out of the additional questions).

Click Save when complete.


Note: If Dropdown is selected for the Response Type, you will be prompted to enter Dropdown Values.


To edit or delete the additional questions, hover over the question line and click the pencil to Edit or trash can to Delete.



Share Online Application

When all Online Application settings and questions have been determined, you can share the Application. Note the URL; you can copy and paste this to a location where applicants can access the link.


Digital Signatures

When an online application is completed, the applicant may sign their application digitally. Enable signatures for applications and specific forms throughout the application process by clicking Digital Signature Settings.


Check the box next to each digital signature you would like to enable. Click Save when all selections are made.




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