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Processing Applications

Employment Application Processing

View the In Progress > Employment Application Processing subtab for a list of applicants ready to apply screening process to.



Click on the applicant's name if you wish to view any information on the application. Otherwise, hover and click on Apply Screening Process (as shown in red below) to move the applicant to the next step of the hiring process. Additionally, you can click on the applicant's name, and then select the Application Process tab to apply the screening process, as shown in blue below.



Now, you can either continue processing the applicant or reject their application. Click on the applicant's name to view any information about the applicant (shown in blue below). Otherwise, hover and click on Continue Processing (shown in red below) to move the applicant to the next step of the hiring process. Hover and click Reject to reject the applicant and remove them from the hiring process.



Additionally, you can click into the Applicant's name and select the Application Process tab. Here you can also continue processing or reject.


As you are moving through the process, the main Applicants page will display the applicant's progress. Here you can see the applicant is on step 2 of 6.


You can also click into the applicant's name and select the Application Process tab to see what items have been/need to be completed in the application process.


Investigation and Inquiries

For the next step in processing applicants, you can click on the In Progress > Investigation and Inquiries subtab. You will see the Current Step the applicant is on.


Hover and click Request Reports (shown in red below), or go into the Applicant's file to select Request Reports from the Application Process Tab (shown in blue below).




From the Request Reports screen, select the appropriate report(s) to generate. Then, click Generate Reports.

NOTE: Make sure that any pop up blockers are disabled before clicking on Generate Reports as these reports will open in a new window/download to your device.



If a third party vendor is chosen to request background reports for the applicants, the user will have the ability to select the appropriate background reports based on the contact the company has with the vendor. Depending on the vendor, there may be another window that appears to allow the user to log into the vendor's website to choose the needed background reports.

The report will download to your device. Depending on your device, your downloaded file message may look differently. Open the file to review and/or print.


When reports have been requested and any applicant information has further been reviewed, your next steps could be:

  • Review Requested Report Status - Review the process date(s) of the report(s) selected to generate.
  • Continue Processing - Moves the applicant to the next step of the hiring process.
  • Reject - Reject the applicant and remove them from the hiring process.
  • Request Additional Reports - Request any additional reports needed.
Hover to reveal these options (as shown in red below) and make your selection, or use the Application Process tab to choose the next step (as shown in blue below).






Prequalification Checklist

The next step in processing applications is to Generate the Prequalification Checklist. Hover and click the gear icon to generate (shown in red below). Or click Generate from the applicant's Application Process tab (shown in blue below).



The creation of these checklist item forms depends on your system configuration. To change this setting, go to Settings > Checklists Process > Prequalification Checklist. See Driver Management Checklists for more information


Next, you can:

  • Review the Checklist to mark items as complete/received/etc.
  • Mark the applicant Ready to Qualify
  • Or Reject the applicant

Hover and click on the appropriate icon to make your selection.


Do remember that you can also make these selections in the Application Process tab of the applicant's file:


Click on Review Checklist to go to the Review Pre-Qualification Checklist screen. The checklist items are populated based on the settings in Settings > Checklists > Prequalification Checklist.



Enter the Process Date and Status fields when the user and applicant complete the various checklist items. Click Save when all the process dates have been completed for the pre-qualification checklist items. 

This checklist doesn't need to be completed all at once.  If some of the items have been received but some are still in process, this area can be used to keep track of what has and has not yet been completed.  The applicant is not moved forward or removed from the hiring process until the Ready to Qualify or Reject links are clicked on the prior page.



Qualifying Applicants for Hire

When the applicant is ready to be moved to the Hiring Authority, click Ready to Qualify.




The user will then be directed to a Qualify Applicant pop-up.  Click Yes to move the applicant to the Hiring Authority. If they should not be qualified yet, click No.



Note: Once Yes is selected here, the recruiter will no longer be able to view the applicant through hiring process alerts (in the Alert Center > Applicants tab). This is because the applicant has moved to the Hiring Authority alerts. The applicant will only be able to be viewed in the alerting process/Ready to Hire tab if the user has hiring authority roles.



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