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Hiring an Applicant

Note: Only users with the Hiring Process - Hiring Authority can see these alerts.


From the Applicants page, click on the Ready to Hire tab.



Next, you can hover over the applicant to reveal the following links:

  • Hire Applicant - The steps below will cover hiring the applicant to make them an Employee within Encompass.
  • Assign Applicant back to Recruiter - This will assign the application back to the recruiter and the hiring authority will no longer be able to view the applicant.
  • Reject - Clicking this will take the user to a screen to enter in notes applying to the rejection. Then, click Save to reject the applicant. Note: Rejection notes will display in the General Information section on the View Applicant screen.
  • Review Checklist - Takes the user to the view of the Pre-Qualification Checklist to ensure all items have been received.



To make the applicant an employee, hover and click Hire Applicant.



From the Hire Applicant screen:

  • Enter an Employee Code.
  • Select the CompanyReporting Level.
  • Select the Job Class.
  • Select the Status (Full-Time, Part-Time, etc.).
  • Enter the Date of Hire (defaults to today's date). Click Save.


A success message will display.

Now, the hired applicant will fall into your list of Active employees!


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