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Purging Records



At the bottom of this article are links to articles on how to purge specific items from Encompass.  Please read this article first before attempting to purge any records.

WARNING:  PURGING RECORDS IS PERMANENT.  There is no roll-back, undo, or restore once records have been purged. Use this option with caution.

About Purging

There are different areas in which to purge data:

  • Employees
  • Units
  • Logs
  • Unit Maintenance (DVIRs)


The above list is for the E-Log Edition of Encompass®.  The purging options increase in Encompass® Compliance and Encompass® Premium editions.


Employee or Unit purges are all-inclusive in nature.  If a unit or employee is purged, all associated records (i.e., Driver Qualification files, Alcohol & Drug files, Training files, Hours of Service files, Roadside Inspection files, Unit Service files, Title, License, & Registration files, Permitting files, Fuel Tax files, and Unit Maintenance files) are also purged.


In addition, this purge process also removes all associated attachments (e.g., supporting document receipts for Hours of Service logs).


The Purge Roles

As mentioned in the article User Roles (Permissions), it is important that only trusted users of Encompass® have access to purge records.  There are limited instances in which the data can be restored, however, this is at cost and can take time, if it is even possible.  In most cases, users are left re-entering the data manually.



What If I Purged Something I Didn't Mean To?

Again, there is no roll-back, undo or restore option immediately available.  If records are mistakenly purged, please contact Client Services as soon as the mistake as been discovered.  Research will be done to conclude if the data can be restored.  There is a fee for restoring data.  There is not a set fee, but instead the fee is determined by the amount of records, type of records, and amount of labor involved to restore the records.


Why Would I Ever Purge Records?

With all of the above warnings, there may be questions as to why a user would want to purge records anyway.  There are a couple of considerations:

  1. Encompass® is billed by the number of records in the system. Purging records can reduce the bill.
  2. It typically isn't desired to have old records around.  In the event of an audit, the DOT doesn't audit Encompass® itself, but the organization and cleanliness of a company's method of staying in compliance can have an impact. 

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