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Log Remarks

About Log Remarks

Drivers have the ability to add any log remark they'd like within the app.  For the purpose of ease, we have created a list of commonly-used remarks that a driver can select from instead of having to type in the information each time.  The list has the default values as shown below, but this can be added to if there are other remarks commonly used.


  • 30-min break-explosives hauler (Explosive Hauler)
  • 34-Hour Restart Break
  • Adverse driving conditions (395.1(b))
  • Cargo inspection
  • Day one of deferral (Canadian rule-set)
  • Day two of deferral (Canadian rule-set)
  • Drop Trailer
  • End of PC
  • End of YM
  • Fuel
  • Hook Trailer
  • Hyrail
  • Load
  • Oilfield waiting time (US Oilfield)
  • Other sleeping accommodations (US Oilfield)
  • Personal conveyance
  • Post-Trip DVIR
  • Pre-Trip
  • Tire check
  • Tire check and cargo inspection
  • Unload
  • Yard Move


Some of these automatically load against a duty status for the driver -- i.e., Personal Conveyance or Yard Move.  We recommend not to delete or turn off Log Remarks as a result, however, the list can be added to.


Note:  Unlike other lookups, there is no delete option, not even for custom-added values. Once a value has been added, it will stay in the system.  The value can be deactivated, but not permanently removed.


Add a Log Remark Value

Start from Setup




Locate and click on Mobile Log Remarks (under Encompass® ELD Settings)



Click Add Log Remarks Item button


Enter a Name value



Click SAVE

View Success Message



When Does It Show Up? 

Note that adding a Remark value into Encompass doesn't mean it will automatically load to all the Mobile Devices in the field at the point of saving.  It will load to the application the next time the driver logs into the application.


Deactivating a log remark

From Mobile Log Remarks,  locate the value that needs to be deactivated.

Click Edit


Uncheck the "Show in List?" checkbox



View Success Message




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