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Vehicle Setup for Fuel Tax

In order for Encompass to properly track trips and report out data, the Units must be set up correctly. First, the Unit must be considered a Commercial Motor Vehicle, or CMV, in Encompass. This is done in the Unit Type field within the Unit file.


First, go to Vehicles > List. Then, find and click on the unit to open up the unit's file, or click the Edit pencil.



In the Unit Type field, select a CMV type.



To classify the unit as a CMV, one of the following Unit Types must be selected:

  • Equipment Hauler
  • Road Tractor
  • Truck
  • Truck (single)
  • Tractor
  • Truck Tractor
  • Wrecker


When one of these Unit Types is selected, a number of fields become required on the unit file. They are indicated in red.

  • # of Axles
  • Unladen Weight - Weight of ONLY the vehicle
  • Gross Weight - Weight of the vehicle PLUS the trailer
  • Combined Gross Weight - Weight of the vehicle PLUS fully-loaded trailer, i.e., maximum gross weight
  • IFTA Base Jurisdiction - The state in which the main business location is located


Click Save when finished.


Once the vehicle information is saved, there are additional areas to look at. While in the Unit File, scroll down to the Rules section.


This section should only be edited if this particular unit operates differently than what is set in Company Level Listings. The settings indicated here supersede the settings established at the company level.

The toggles for Is IFTA Reportable? and Is Included in Fleet MPG are the same as the ones found in Setup > Company Level Listing > Edit Rules.  If the toggles for Is IFTA Reportable and Is Included in Fleet MPG are on at the company level, but are NOT on for a particular unit, that unit will NOT be included in IFTA or Fleet MPG.


Fuel Tax Trips from ELD Data

If ELDs are being utilized, the tractor number AND the unit code in the ELD Device List must match exactly.  If they do not, fuel tax trips may not generate from the ELD data. 

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