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Mobile Device List

As drivers log into Encompass® ELD, the Mobile Device List will begin to show phones or tablets that drivers are using to log into the application.  Encompass tracks these mobile devices with the following fields:

  • Device ID
  • Last Activity
  • Model Number
  • Device OS & Version
  • Encompass® ELD Version
  • Compliance Tablet?
  • Trimble CoPilot Installed
  • Last Mobile User Logged In
  • Last Online ELD #


To view the mobile device list

Go to Setup


Scroll down to the Encompass® ELD Settings box and click on Mobile Device List


View the list of devices



Adding Mobile Devices

Devices cannot be manually added to this list. This list is automatically populated when an Encompass® ELD user logins in on a phone or tablet. This behaves in a similar way to the ELD Device List.


Editing the Mobile Devices

The device information cannot be edited as this information is coming straight from Encompass® ELD. Devices that are no longer in use can be removed from this list however, by selecting the check box to the left of the device and clicking Delete selected.


If a mobile device is deleted from the list, but an Encompass® ELD user logs back into the application on that device, it will repopulate in the Mobile Device List.


ALK Co-Pilot

If ALK Co-Pilot (companion application within Encompass® ELD on Compliance Tablets) licenses have been purchased, they will show at the top of the Mobile Device List.


If there are licenses available (i.e. the number at the top is greater than 0) and the device is a Compliance Tablet (denoted by the Compliance Tablet column saying Yes), check the box under the ALK CoPilot Installed heading to apply the license.  Client Service Support can then work with the administrator or driver to install ALK Co-Pilot on the tablet.

If ALK Co-Pilot licenses need to be purchased, the administrator will need to reach out to their Sales Representative.


Additionally, if an ALK Co-Pilot license needs to be removed from a device, simply uncheck this box next to the device.

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