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Location Codes

About Location Codes

If there are common locations that your drivers frequently use, you can save the driver some typing by including an abbreviated value the driver can use to enter the location with.  it should be mentioned that the ELD does come with GPS/location services.  This feature isn't here to replace that function.  It's here to use when the ELD isn't tracking; the driver has lost GPS connectivity.  


Setup Location Codes

Go to Setup



Locate and click on Mobile Location Codes (under Encompass® ELD Settings)



Click on Add New Location Code



Enter a Location Value -- i.e., Chicago, IL

Enter the Code Value -- i.e., CHI



Click SAVE

View Success Message


Notice your new value should be on the listing



To Edit Location Codes

From the Location Listing, click on Edit



Make any changes


Click SAVE

View Success Message



To Delete Location Codes

From the Location Listing, click on Del

Confirm the Deletion by clicking Yes

View Success Message

Notice the value will no longer show on the listing.


If you delete a value, it means the value will no longer download to the application for use by the driver.


When Does it Show Up?

Note that adding a Location Code into Encompass doesn't mean it will automatically load to all the Mobile Devices in the field at the point of saving.  It will load to the application the next time the driver logs into the application.

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