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Free-form notes regarding employees/drivers can be added to the Employee file.  These can be any length needed as this area is not size-restricted. Very long notes do not show up on reports or views, however, so if these need to be seen on a report or view, we suggest using the License Notes area (associated with the License Information section) instead.


To add, edit, or remove notes, go to Driver Management > Employees and find the driver via the Find Employee search box or List View. Click on the Employees name to go into their Employee File.



Scroll down to the section titled Notes and click Add New.



Enter the note. Once complete, click Save or Save & Add New if additional notes need to be added.



A Success Message will be shown.  The Notes section will only show the Subject of the note. Click Edit to view the contents of the note.  If a note needs the be edited or deleted, use the respective links next to the note title.


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