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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (4/14/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Alcohol & Drug Improvements have been made when Editing a reason for No Test Taken.  User can more smoothly add and edit a reason AND attach documents. 73465
Accident & Incidents Accidents and Incidents rosters will sort properly.  76403
Applicants Fixes:
 - Fixed Email formatting for the online Applicant process; email coming from the system wasn't populating correctly.
 - Small Fix:  Applicant Screening Process modal will now display the name of last driver selected under the title.

Dashboard Vehicle Dashboard will now have a Count of Vehicles With Expired Renewable Items 47146
General Fixed Dates to populate more easily.  User can now enter 1 digit month, 1 digit day and 2 digit year -- i.e., 2221 -- and system will recognize this as 2/2/2021.  60016
Hours of Service Fixes:
[UI][HOS] Not able to assign Unidentified event; getting eTag Error
[UI][HOS] HOS Unassigned Events Status field doesn't display correct values

Training Improvements made:
- User can now select multiple employees to update training
- The Courses screen can be displayed by list (roster) OR by labels/pictures.  (Many had asked for the listing as an alternative.)

Unit Maintenance Cleaned up some formatting issues with Unit Maintenance:
- Columns showing the listing have been added to the column selector; they had been missing.
- Listings with values listed twice in some columns has been fixed to only show the one value.
- Unit Preventive Maintenance Due listing had  two column names spelled incorrectly; this has been fixed.
- Roster/listings with blank columns in the column selector has been fixed.

- Admin can now View and Edit Unit Maintenance Settings


User Fix for a user to be able to see and edit Company Settings where the Company Setup role has been turned on.  76831
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