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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (4/1/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Driver Qualification The "Save & Add Attachment" button for Adding Prequalification items has been fixed 74278
Employee - Roster Update Rehire Date is now part of Employee Rosters 75461
Hours of Service Improvements made to Rosters:
- Date formatting consistent with rest of system
- No more redundant columns inserting for Duty Status area in a Driver's Log
Hours of Service Supporting Documents:  Now able to click on log attachments or supporting documents and download 76121
Hours of Service Can now Edit a Non-Mandate Log (where driver is exempt from ELD use) 29976
Performance-related Improvements and Fixes made to System performance to address broken trucks or blank screens:
- Geofencing/Landmarks should load without time-out when you have a larger number (i.e., more than 1000)
- Views should load without stalling or giving a broken truck (especially dashboard)
- Time-out or load failures with larger counts of records for Unit/Employee or otherwise (i.e., thousands of records) should no longer fail
- Errors fixed when sorting columns in rosters (not all columns were throwing an error, but those causing problems have been addressed)
Roadside Inspections Improvements made for Drop Downs in Employee's Roadside Inspection Record View:
- Part & Section Drop downs are sorting as they should
- Part Drop down includes the regulation number
Training Improvements made to Rosters and performance:
-- Online Training History should load quicker
- Classroom Listing will load
- User can add filtering to the list view for Online Courses (as they can for the Images)
- Verbiage for Purchasing Enrollments more clear
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