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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (4/28/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Alcohol & Drug Further implemented the "Reason for No Test Taken" for Pending on the A&D Roster; user now clear a test not taken from the Roster. 73465
Alerts Cleaned up and improved the spped with which Alerts have been refreshing.   78834
Driver Qualification Added the Qualification Comments to the Driver Qualification Information area for a driver's record. 77596
eDVIR Added the Images to the new UI from the eDVIR Application. 76029
Email Repaired the URL and link for attachments emailed to recipients from the system. 79389
Hours of Service Multiple Fixes:
Fixed the way columns were displaying data on the Unassigned Log Events Roster
Updated a link to view Attachments from the Supporting Documents Card
Allow a custom view for the Output File Status view (tab) to load after logging in or out. 

Roadside Inspection Fixed display for Roadside Inspection Violations (where multiple drivers were displaying). 77729
Training Two Fixes:
Fixed error when attempting to view the Driver List with the Driver Management Profile Filter in the Training area.
Quizzes and quiz key for Cargo Securement Dry Vans Classroom course will now download. 
Unit Maintenance Unit Maintenance Settings is available for Viewing/Editing
The Preventive Maintenance card (under a Vehicle) would no longer show RED when the item is no longer over-due.
Unit Service Fixed the problem with the Edit Unit Qualification modal not loading. 76891
User Settings Updated the Company Setup Role to be able to access Settings.
Also allow an ELD Admin permission to view and edit ELD Settings. 
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