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Main Dashboard

Upon logging into Encompass, you will be brought to a main dashboard that shows a live map, as well as some additional data about your drivers. Below the map, informational charts exist to show a variety of information.

Reading the Top-of-Page Data

The data near the top of the page shows counts for Active Drivers, Terminated Drivers, Drivers with Critical Violations, and Drivers with Expired DQ Items. Clicking on the individual buttons will take you to that specific area within Encompass.


Reading the Map

Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out on the map in order to more specifically locate your driver/s. You can also use your mouse/touchpad to click and drag around the map and zoom to specific locations, etc.

Click on the Map icon located on the right side of the map to open up the Legend. This legend shows definitions of what the various markers mean. Additionally, you have the ability to View/Hide additional items on the map. Clicking the item will cross it out to hide it from your map view (shown by the yellow arrow below). Clicking again will allow the item to be shown in the map.

The "Globe" icon will give you various options of map styles.

For example, Satellite view will show you a version of the map like the one below:

The Refresh button will refresh the statuses/locations of your drivers/vehicles.

The arrow icon will open the map in a pop-out window.

Reading the Charts

Currently, the dashboard shows data charts for the following: Count of Drivers with Expired Qualification Items, Count of Drivers by Hours Available, Count of Drivers with Critical Violations - Past 45 Days.

  • Clicking on the title of the chart will take you to that specific area in Encompass.
  • The dropdown arrow will open/close the chart on the dashboard.
  • The numbers on the left side of the chart (y-axis) display the number of drivers. The items on the bottom (x-axis) shows the specific type of data. For example, below you can see that 1 driver has between 2 and 8 hours available.


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