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J. J. Keller Support Center

Accepting J.J. Keller's Access to Your FMCSA Portal

While working with J.J. Keller for certain situations, you may be asked to create an FMCSA Portal account and provide J.J. Keller with access. If your company is already registered in the FMCSA Portal, click here to jump directly to accepting J.J. Keller access.


Portal Setup/Register

Go to and click: To register for a portal account, please click here.


Select Company User by clicking in the circle (radio button) below this option. Then, click Next >>.


Enter your company's DOT number in the USDOT # box. Click Lookup.


A message will appear in a separate message box. That message will begin with “Currently there is not a Company Official registered in the FMCSA Portal…” Click OK at the bottom of this message box.


After you click OK on the pop-up message, enter the PIN # in the box below where you entered the DOT number. Then, click Validate Pin. Note: The PIN # is case-sensitive; all letters should be typed in uppercase format.



Once you click Validate Pin, a role will be listed under Available Roles. Click on the role listed to highlight it, and then click Add Role >. Then, enter a Reason for Request. (This could be something simple like "Company Official Access".) Next, click Add USDOT to List. Once your DOT number is listed under the USDOT # List box you can click Next >> on the bottom right.


*For additional assistance in registering, click on the question bubbles (?) in the FMCSA portal.


Accepting J.J. Keller's Access to Your FMCSA Portal

Go to and use your credentials to log in.



On the following page, locate the PENDING ACCOUNT REQUESTS box. Click the magnifying glass next to J.J. Keller.

FMCSA Portal1.jpg

FMCSA Portal2.jpg

You will see the below screen, listing details of J.J. Keller's account. Click Approve Request. A window will populate stating that the request was submitted; click OK. J.J. Keller will now have access to the portal account.

FMCSA Portal3.jpg

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