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Unmasking/Viewing Driver's License and Social Security Number

Notice that when the license information or social security number is saved, most of the number is masked saving the last few digits. The system does this to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).




However, the full number can still be obtained and unmasked in the Annual Review tab or printed/displayed on certain Forms within Encompass:

Unmasking Driver's License and Social Security Numbers in Annual Review Tab

Encompass admins with the Administrator role have the ability to unmask SSNs and Driver's Licenses in the Annual Review section. First, go to Drivers > Driver Qualification.


Select the Annual Review tab.


Check the box/es next to the driver/s you want to view SSNs or Drivers Licenses for. (You could first use the filters to narrow down your driver results.)


Next, click Unmask SSNs, Unmask Driver's Licenses, or Unmask All.


As part of protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), you must state why you need to unmask the SSNs and/or Driver´s License Number. Note: Your reason and user account are being stored.



Note: Choosing to "Export to Excel" will not export the unmasked numbers. The exported file will contain masked numbers.
Additionally, the numbers will remain unmasked only for the duration you are on the Annual Review tab. If you exit from the Annual Review tab or refresh your screen, you will need to go through again and unmask the numbers.


Print/Show SSN/Driver's License Numbers on Forms

The following forms are able to print the full values:


  • Driver's Application for Employment (Print Full SSN)
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (Print Full SSN)
  • Medical Exam Report (Print Full Driver's License Number)
  • Medical Exam Certificate (Print Full Driver's License Number)
  • Motor Vehicle Driver's Certification of Compliance with Driver License Requirement  (Print Full Driver's License Number)
  • Motor Vehicle Driver's Certificate of Violations (Print Full Driver's License Number)
  • Motor Vehicle Driver's Certification of Violations/Annual Review of Driving Record (Print Full Driver's License Number)
  • Record of Road Test (Print Full Driver's License and/or SSN)
  • Request for Check of Driving Record (Print Full Driver's License Number)


To access these forms, go to Drivers > Forms. Scroll to Select Printing Options and toggle on "Print Full Driver's License Number" and/or "Print Full Social Security Number (SSN)" to display those values on the form.



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