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Terminating Employees in Encompass

Reviewing The Employee List (Roster)

From the left navigation bar, select Drivers and then Roster.


Use the tabs at the top to view the employees according to that category. Also see Advanced Filters.



Terminating Employees

Employees can be terminated individually or in groups (ie. in the event that multiple employees were terminated on the same day).

Terminating an Individual Employee

While viewing the roster, over to the right of the employee and hidden action buttons will display.  Select the trash bin to delete. Note: 'Deleting' employees/units in Encompass does not remove them from the system. 'Deleting' terminates/disposes those records accordingly.


Enter the date of termination and select Save.


Additionally, the employee can be terminated by editing their Employment Status under the Personal information when viewing their Employee File.



Terminating a Group of Employees

While viewing the employee roster, use the checkboxes on the left to select the employees to terminate. Once all necessary employees have been selected, click Update Status.


Set their employment Status as Terminated and enter their termination date. Click Save to store the record.


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