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Documents can be stored in Encompass as attachments.  This includes, but is not limited to: Word documents, PowerPoint, Excel documents, and PDFs. Files larger than 20MB cannot be attached due to their size.


We recommend you choose a file format that will take up the least amount of space, i.e., Black & White PDF files.

To add an employee attachment, first go to your list of employees in Drivers > Roster. You can use the tabs across the top to narrow down your results, or you can search for specific employees by using the search function. Additionally, you can scroll through your list of employees to select.




Select the employee to view their Employee File.  Scroll down to the section titled Employee Attachments.  Click Add New.


A pop-out will appear allowing you to drag a file or search your device for a file to add as an attachment. The title of the attachment will remain the same as what you originally named the file on your device. Click Close to save the attachment to the employee's file. Note: You can add more than one attachment via this screen if you so choose. Simply drag a file/browse your device to attach any additional files.


After you have saved and close the attachment/s, they will populate under the Employee Attachments section. To view/open the attachment, click on the title of the attachment to view in a new tab.


To edit, download, or delete an attachment, hover over the right side of the attachment's row to reveal the three options.



Attachments Tab

You can also access and add attachments from the Attachments tab in the employee (or unit/vehicle) file.


Hover over an attachment to move, edit, or delete.


Check the box next to any attachment/s to Email or View/download Selected Files.


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