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Documents can be stored in Encompass as attachments.  This includes, but is not limited to: Word documents, PowerPoint, Excel documents, and PDFs. Files larger than 28.6 MB cannot be attached due to their size.


Note: When attachments are uploaded to Encompass, they are shown as "scanning" while the files are scanned for viruses and malware. During this "scanning" period, you are free to close the Attachments Upload modal and move about the system. An alert will be displayed in the lower right corner of the site when the scanning has been completed.


If there is a failure, an alert will display in the Attachment Uploads button in the header of the page. (See below for more information.)


There are a few ways to add an Employee attachment:

  1. Via the Driver Roster page
  2. Via the Attachments tab in the Driver's information profile


Driver Roster Page

Go to Drivers > Roster. Hover over the right area of the driver's line and click the paper clip icon. 



A pop-out will appear allowing you to drag a file or search your device for a file to add as an attachment. The title of the attachment will remain the same as what you originally named the file on your device. The files will be scanned for viruses and malware. Note: You can add more than one attachment via this screen if you so choose. Simply drag a file/browse your device to attach any additional files. Click Close to save the attachment to the employee's file.

clipboard_e0de5500c1ff35f2e66bda60e031055c5.png > clipboard_e52839598ad3333c6570afae47e2f3bea.png  >


You can edit the name of the attachment by clicking on the Edit pencil. Update the file name on the next screen and save.

clipboard_eeb18c3e4594f36c77ce7e8f937ad85af.png  > clipboard_ee898efe3a1b8cb30ee4753a2971d187e.png

Delete the attachment by clicking the trash can.


Attachments Tab

First, go to your list of employees in Drivers > Roster. Locate the driver you need to add an attachment to; click on their name to open their Employee Profile.



Click the Attachments tab.


Decide which attachment category you would like to upload to. Click the Add New button.


Name the attachment, drag the file or click to upload the file from your device. Then, click Save. The file will be scanned for viruses and malware.


Once uploaded, the attachment will appear under the category. Hover and click the pencil to edit, or the trash can to delete the attachment.


Click the name of the attachment to download the file to your device.


Email Uploaded Attachments/Files

In the driver's Attachments tab, check the box next to any attachment/s to Email or View/download Selected Files.


Failed Attachment Uploads

If the system recognizes a file has a virus/malware, or if the extension type is not accepted by Encompass, the upload will fail. You will see the following pop-up message:


Additionally, you can click the Attachment Uploads button in the header of the page to see details about the failed uploads.



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