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Documents can be stored in Encompass as attachments.  This includes, but is not limited to, Word Documents, PowerPoints, Excel documents, and PDFs. Files larger than 20MB cannot be attached due to their size.


We recommend you choose a file format that will take up the least amount of space, i.e., Black & White Binary TIF files or Black & White PDF files.

To add an employee attachment, find the employee in Driver Management > Employees by either using the Find Employee search box or a Common View such as All Active Employees.



Click on the name of the employee to view their Employee File.  Scroll down to the section titled Employee Attachments.  Click Add New.



Enter in the information about the attachment.

  • Name (required) - this could be the file name or a short description.
  • Date - mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy format, or pick one from the calendar picker.
  • Choose File to browse to the location of the attachment on your machine.

Note: Maximum file size in 20MB

Click Save or Save & Add New if there are more attachments that need to be added.


The file will then be displayed under the Employee Attachments in the Employee File. Notice there are options to Edit, Move, or Delete the attachment with the respective links.


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