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J. J. Keller Support Center

Logging In

Logging into KellerMobile on a smart device is required of a driver each day to capture his/her hours of duty as recorded by the ELD. 

Logging into KellerMobile

Launch the KellerMobile application on your smart device. 


A end user agreement will appear every time until Accept is clicked.


A safety warning will appear every time. Read it and click OK

Enter your Username and Password. These are given to you by your Encompass administrator. Then select the appropriate Login status. Depending on the rule sets enabled in Encompass, you may have a few options: Team Driving, Hyrail, Motion Picture, etc. 


The Check Hours box allows a driver to view their available hours without going through the full start of day process.

You will be able to set your status while logging into into KellerMobile.

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