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Logging In

Logging into Encompass® ELD on a smart device is required of a driver each day to capture his/her hours of duty as recorded by the ELD. 

Logging into Encompass® ELD

Launch the Encompass® ELD application on your smart device. For information on downloading the app, see these documents for Android™ or iPhone®/iPad®.


An end-user agreement may appear; click Accept.
A safety warning will also appear. Read it and tap OK.


Enter your Username and Password. These are given to you by your Encompass administrator. Then, tap Login.

loginandroid.jpg ioslogin.PNG


First time logging in? 

If this is your first time logging into the app, you will be prompted to enter a Fleet ID. This ID should be provided to you by your company administrator. Your username and password also should have been provided to you by your admin.


The Check Hours button allows a driver to view their available hours without going through the full start-of-day process.

checkhoursandroid.jpg checkhoursios.PNG


If Connect to ELD Hardware is selected upon login, the mobile application will begin connecting to the ELD. See Connecting to the ELD (Android™) or Connecting to the ELD (iPhone®/iPad®).

If Exempt logs are enabled for your company, you will be presented with a screen to Select the appropriate Log Type. elect the Log Type applicable to you. (There are requirements that must be met to qualify to use an Exempt Log. Reach out to your company administrator for questions on Exempt Logs.)

clipboard_e1d627ebd41ab888223a362d2a5bcb129.png clipboard_ec8bdccc76ecdfb836eed1af9f28a5f22.png


Select a Duty Status. Tap Next.

clipboard_e781f8d81da57472fb8bc4161e97af745.png clipboard_ea41b6445cef0553f451f91cf09225ee4.png

Enter Trip Information as applicable. (See Trip Information for more information.) Tap OK. 

clipboard_ea84fb0da61b05ec2e5fc3d08deeaf7f8.png clipboard_edc3c875cde973221d5b185736c0abe5d.png


You will then be brought to the Encompass® ELD application dashboard.


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