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Logging Out and Certifying Logs



The following information walks through how to log out and certify logs.

*Did you forget to log out? See: Driver Forgot to Log Out for further guidance

Select Log Off in the lower right hand corner.



A one-time prompt will display advising that there has been enhancements made to the submission process, but this means that it may take slightly longer than normal.  Select Okay to dismiss the message.


Select the Duty Status upon Logout. If this is the end of the work day, this should be Off Duty or Sleeper Berth.



Select the Start Time of New Duty Status.  Most often, this should be set to Now.  This can be adjusted to a future time if the remainder of the working day is going to be occurring away from the truck or the phone/tablet. Note that if a future time is selected, the next time the driver logs into the application, they will be prompted to certify this log date because future times cannot be certified.

Example: Driver has finished driving for the day but has a 30 minute meeting with his supervisor but will then be relieved from work duty for the day. He can set his duty status upon logout as Off Duty and change the start time of the off duty status to 30 minutes.  Encompass® ELD will extend the current status 30 minutes into the future and then place the driver off duty.



If not connected to the ELD, the application will ask for a location.  This can manually be entered in, or, select the locator pin on the right side of the Actual Location field to have the application use GPS to populate the field.



Select Submit to certify the logs and log out of the application.

Note: Failure to certify and submit logs could result in compliance violations with the FMCSA.

Note: The log/s should be submitted from the same device in which the log/s were recorded on.


Any logs that have yet to be certified will be listed here and selected for certification.  Once all logs that are needed to be certified are selected, tap Submit.



Select Agree to certify the logs.



Submission Status page will be displayed.

If a Failure occurs, make sure your mobile device has a valid internet connection and try again. If the issue persists, please contact Client Services.


In addition to the logs, there will be other data shown as being submitted; these may include Unidentified Events or Other Data. Other data could include gps and trip data, fuel, and other nonessential data.


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