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Trip Information


Trip information such as trailer number and shipment information can be entered directly into the Encompass® ELD application.


When logging into the application, the user will be prompted for their trip information.  Additionally, any special exemptions will be listed for the user to select if they apply.  This includes, but is not limited to, Returned to work location (for eligibility for the short-haul exception, or big day), Exempt from 30 min rest breakHauling explosives, and Oilfield Operations. If there are options that are missing, the driver should reach out to their Encompass Administrator.


If any information on this page is always the same, select Set Default... for the information to automatically populate.



If, after logging in, trip information needs to be changed, this is done in the View Log area.



Select View Trip Information on the left.  Tap Edit to change the information here.



Once any adjustments have been made, select OK.



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