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Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are receipts, such as fuel or toll receipts.  These can be added to a log to provide support or proof of particular duty statuses and their respective locations.


Go to Driver Management > Hours of Service. Find the employee using the search function on the left or by using one of the common views in the middle of the page.



Click on the name of the employee to view their list of logs.



Either, click on the supporting docs tab at the top, or click on the date of the log in which the supporting document needs to be added for.

clipboard_eaf54be867e0a0ba582ac188021788713.png            clipboard_e5e8dd797ebc1d7ca603c4066bad1ca75.png


If the supporting docs tab is click, simply click Add New at the top.  If on the log, scroll down to the section for supporting documents and click Add New.



Enter in the information for the supporting document, and click Save or Save & Add New if additional docs need to be added.



The receipt will then be seen under the Supporting Docs section.



Notice that there are two links to the right of the supporting document.  The supporting document can be Edited or Deleted by using the respective links next to the document.  Additionally, if there is an electronic copy of the document, it can be attached using the Add Attachment button at the top.


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